Opt-AI Inc.

Opt-AI Inc. is established to offer the software solution to compress and accelerate the AI model.
With Opt-AI’s optimization technology such as model compression and inference acceleration,
AI model is performed on the edge device fast and cloud server with low cost.

Vision Global No. 1 AI Optimization Solution Company

Mission Provide the optimized AI Solution on any Edge Device Environment

Value Technology based Innovation & Share & Growth



2022.07 Registered as a partner of LG Electronics and proceeded with PoC

2022.07 Startup Autobahn Korea 2022 selection

2022.06 Selected as a project for technology transfer commercialization in the Korea Innovation Foundation

2022.06 Received an order for AI farmmap business (EPIS)

2022.05 Selected as the 11th start-up nest by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

2022.04 Selected as a non-face-to-face startup commercialization project (KIPI)

2022.03 Established Corporate R&D Center

2022.02 Registered as a future performance sharing company

2022.02 Received Startup Promotion Agency President Award at the Youth Technology Startup Contest using public technology

2022.02 Registered as a research institute company in Ansan Special District, Gyeonggi-do


2021.11 Established a corporation (jointly invested by Yonsei University Technology Holdings)

2021.05 Selected as a laboratory-specialized startup leading university (MSIT)

2021.05 May Selected as preliminary start-up package (MSS)