Opt-AI Inc.

We provide the platform to optimize AI model on any target hardware. 

The advanced AI models achieve the outstanding accuracy. However, AI models often require the significant amounts of computational resources,
memory and power, which presents an obstacle if you want them to perform well on edge devices.

Opt-AI Inc. is established to provide the optimization platform for designing, training, and deploying AI model.
With our technology, AI models can run efficiently on the edge devices and cloud server with low cost.

Vision Global No. 1 AI Optimization Platform

Mission Provide the optimized AI model on any other target device.



2023.01 Registered as a partner of LG Electronics and proceeded with PoC


2022.07 Registered as a partner of LG Electronics and proceeded with PoC

2022.07 Startup Autobahn Korea 2022 selection

2022.06 Selected as a project for technology transfer commercialization in the Korea Innovation Foundation

2022.06 Received an order for AI farmmap business (EPIS)

2022.05 Selected as the 11th start-up nest by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

2022.04 Selected as a non-face-to-face startup commercialization project (KIPI)

2022.03 Established Corporate R&D Center

2022.02 Registered as a future performance sharing company

2022.02 Received Startup Promotion Agency President Award at the Youth Technology Startup Contest using public technology

2022.02 Registered as a research institute company in Ansan Special District, Gyeonggi-do


2021.11 Established a corporation (jointly invested by Yonsei University Technology Holdings)

2021.05 Selected as a laboratory-specialized startup leading university (MSIT)

2021.05 May Selected as preliminary start-up package (MSS)